Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ginger Tea to Universal Adaptor

Ginger Tea
So what's the first thing I want after I get my ATM card working again? Food! And being from Los Angeles with a host of Indian buffet lunches, and Taiwan having a severe lack of what I think of as curry dishes, I head out to Little India.

About 15% of Sinpagore's population is from India and from the moment I step off the subway car I can see I'm in a totally different part of town.

At lunch I get my curry fix with a fork and spoon while fingers all around me mix together rice and sauce into small mounds on their plates.

"What would you like to drink sir?" Ginger Tea jumps out at me from a sign three stalls away and I hope it's the mysterious dark liquid in small, glass mugs I've seen old men drinking outside shops at all hours of the night. Score! After my food I ask for a second round of the warm, sweet, spicy stuff while I boot up my laptop and plan my route for the afternoon.

Hindu Temple
I visit two large Hindu temples on Serangoon Rd, remembering to take off my sandals and go barefoot in and around the buildings. And what a nice surprise, there's even a place to wash my feet before leaving. What...that was for washing BEFORE going in? Oh...sorry Vishnu! I'll get it right next time.

I enjoy window after window of dazzling gold jewelry as I pass along the streets and in and out of air conditioned complexes. I can't find the variety of oddities I want as gifts for friends so I push south until I reach Sim Lim Square, Singapore's mega 6 level computer geek mall.

Sim Lim Square
The only thing on my shopping list is a super compact all-in-one adapter for my laptop power cord but I take my sweet time picking through the stores and comparing prices with Taipei's technology market.

When I emerge night has fallen and I wander through Bugis Street and enjoy a nice juice drink and noodle dish before heading back for the night.


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